Survey Results from Players at Clubs Using APT-Forward LEDs


Survey Respondents' Comments

- These lights truly transform how I am able to see the ball at night.  It has made night play fun and exciting again.  The only downside, I now have no excuses for my game.

- Appreciate the Club doing this.

- Unlike the bright LEDs at some of the other area clubs, these are NOT blinding when you look-up to hit high overheads or wire shots.

- A vast improvement.

- I like that the lights go on immediately, are much brighter than the previous lights and appears that the cost was very reasonable.

- Light seems very natural - there is no yellow tinting that came from our old lights.  As a result, I definitely see the ball better.  My issue with LEDs has always been the spotting that occurs on so many courts - but these LEDs have somehow completely eliminated the spotting issue!

- Best upgrade to the paddle courts in my three years of playing.

- Really great decision.

- Big improvement and should pay for themselves over time.

- The new lights are a great improvement.  Feels like you are playing at the US Open when you walk onto the courts.  Much better than the bigger LED lights at places like XXXXX CC.