APT-Forward:  Lights designed for paddle, not parking.

APT-Forward was created to provide access to the highest quality platform tennis equipment on the market - at the lowest price point possible.  Currently, we offer a LED system specifically designed for platform tennis court use.  The system distinguishes itself from others in the following ways:

  • Designed Specifically for a Platform Tennis Court:

    The objective of our lighting systems is not just illuminate platform tennis court(s), but to do so while limiting glare and brightness to an absolute minimum.

  • Reduced Operating Costs:

    Given the amount of lumens delivered onto the court, our lighting system has the lowest energy requirements you will find on the market.

  • Tops in Build Quality:

    Considered a primary indicator of build quality, our LEDs were tested (i.e., L70 Life) to last over 34 years should they be left on continuously and never shut off.  You will find many inferior products on the market with L70 lives of 6 years or less.

  • Addressing Lighting Challenges

    While we have designed a standard platform tennis lighting system - your needs may be unique. Things such as ambient lighting and the layout of your courts (i.e., line of sight concerns) should be considered when selecting a lighting system for your courts.  We have the ability to adjust our light fixture output (i.e., increase and decrease) to ensure you install a system that fits your specific needs.


APT- Forward:  Endorsed and supported by Drew Broderick