Our LEDs



APT-Forward offers two outstanding options for those interested in installing or upgrading their platform tennis courts (or outdoor tennis courts) lighting system to LED lights. 

Our Premier LEDs are simply the best.  Designed and manufactured in the USA, they offer everything one could ever want from their court's lighting system.  They provide court calibrated light, advanced glare reduction technology, extremely low energy requirements and the highest life expectancy (L70 life)

Since there are varying client preferences regarding the right amount of light for a platform tennis court, our Premier LEDs offer two different degree of light output.  Our Standard Lighting System (using all 160w LEDs) provides a natural light and greatly reduced glare issues.  To create an even crisper light, our Performance Lighting System generates 47 percent more lumens from the four corner LEDs.  

For those seeking lower priced LEDs, we offer the Price Advantage LEDs.  The Price Advantage LEDs cost are a great choice for those on a limited budget. 

Below are our 6 pole court specifications....     

                                         Premier LEDs

The highest performing platform tennis court LEDs on the market.       

- Energy Requirements

  • Standard Lighting System:        160w (6) per LED
  • Performance Lighting Syst:       160w (2) and 240w(4) per LED     

- Improved Energy Efficiency*:  

  • Standard lighting System:         84 percent
  • Performance Lighting Syst.:      79 percent

- Total Court Lumens:                 

  • Standard lighting System:         130,401
  • Performance Lighting Syst.:      170,866

- Expected Life (L70 Life**):           + 300,000 hours (over 34 years)


                                  Price Advantage LEDs

Perfect for budget conscious court owners looking to upgrade to quality LEDs specifically calibrated for platform tennis court play.  

- Energy Requirements:                    320w per LED       

- Improved Energy Efficiency*:         68 percent

- Total Court Lumens:                       135,660

- Expected Life (L70 Life**):           + 69,600 hours (almost 8 years)


* In comparison to a 6-pole court using a 1,000w HV bulb system.

** The test L70 life is a good indicator of build quality and represents the number of hours a light is expected to last should it never be turned off.