Our Premier LEDs


APT-FORWARD's premier LEDs


APT-Forward features its Premier LED system for platform tennis court play and they are simply the best LEDs in the market today. 

Designed and manufactured in the USA, they offer everything one could ever want for their court's lighting system.  Below are the specifications for our standard six light pole platform tennis court....    

                          Specifications of the Premier LEDs

- Improved Energy Efficiency*:          80 percent

- Total Delivered Lumens:             + 150k (per court)

- Expected Life (L70 Life**):           + 300k hours (over 34 years)


* In comparison to a 6-pole court using a 1,000w HV bulb system.

** "L70 Life is a good indicator of build quality and represents the number of hours a light is expected to last should it never be turned off.