LEDs Designed for Paddle


Getting the right amount and type of light onto a platform tennis court is only the first step. Equally important is ensuring your LEDs are not overly bright, which causes issues for the players.

Our Premier LEDs are not the ideal lights for a parking lot, but when it comes to illuminating platform tennis court they are tops. The following features are what make them truly special:  

1. directing light across the court

The dispersion pattern (see below) the light onto the court.  This provides for a more efficient use of light - other LEDs fixtures have to be brighter to deliver the same amount of light onto the court

2. Directing Light onto the court

Our light heads are set at an angle, so that its light is directed forward and into the court of play.  By contrast, any LED set at a 90 degree angle looses its light off of the court. As a result, these LEDs must be made brighter to deliver the same amount of court light.

3. Face design

Our Premier LEDs have their elements physically separated on the face of the light fixture.  By contrast, many LEDs have their elements clustered together into one grouping.  Its a subtle, but meaningful design difference that reduces brightness.

Below are illustrations of three different dispersion patterns.    

box light.jpg

Multi-purpose LEDs and Box HV Lights

Most fixtures do not direct their light and have limited control over how their light is dispersed.  These light fixtures must have significantly increased lumens (and brightness) to properly illuminate a platform tennis court.



stadium lights

Stadium lights use a funnel design to direct light from HV lighting systems to court. While a true upgrade over traditional HV fixtures, these systems are extremely expensive to operate and maintain.


Premier LEDs

Our Premier LEDs purposefully direct their light forward and horizontally across the platform tennis court. By fitting the light onto the court, Premier LEDs have more efficient light.

The lumens being delivered by other LEDs can be increased to compensate, but that just increase their “brightness” issue which is the largest complaint players have regarding LED based lighting systems.