Smart LightTM


Any LED system can illuminate a platform tennis court, but doing so wisely protects the players from having to deal with unwanted glare and excessive brightness.  Our Premier LEDs seek to eliminate concern through Smart LightTM technology.  The unique features of our Smart LightTM technology are:  

1. Face design

The LED elements are separated on the face.  By contrast, many LEDs have a face where the elements are clustered together into one grouping.  Our subtle face design difference dramatically reduce glare and line of sight issues. 

2. Directing Light onto the court

The light heads are set at an angle, so that its light is directed into the court of play.  By contrast, many LED have the face of their head directing light at the foot of the pole.  As a result, these lights must generate more light (and brightness) from each LED to provide the same degree of light on the court of play.

3.  directing light across the court

The dispersion pattern is customized to the size of a platform tennis court.  This provides for a more efficient use of light and ensure the court is being fully illuminated.      

Below are illustrations of three different dispersion patterns.    

Inkedsquare leds with court_LI.jpg

Box Lights and square lighting fixtures

This picture represents dispersion pattern of a light head that has limited control over how its light is dispersed onto the court.  This illustration is most similar to the dispersion pattern of most HV and LED lighting systems (including our Price Advantage LEDs).


Inkedround with court_LI.jpg

stadium lights

Stadium lights have a funnel design which directs the light more efficiently onto the court.  Stadium lighting systems are only used in conjunction with 400w or 1,000w HV bulbs and are not used in LED lighting systems.

Premierleds with court.pdf.jpg

Smart LightTM technology

Smart LightTM purposefully directs light horizontally across the platform tennis court.  By more efficiently using its light, our LEDs deliver more light onto the court than systems with comparable lumens output. 



*These charts are for illustrative purposes only.  Different stadium lighting systems and square LED fixtures will provide varying results and light dispersion patterns.  Court lines are not drawn to scale and do not accurately represent how the dispersion of light would fall onto a platform tennis court.