Directed Light Requires Less Illumination = Limited Glare and Spotting*

The following charts captures the challenges many lighting system face when attempting provide full and consistent light across a platform tennis court.  Ideally, the light should feel similar whether you are volleying a ball in the middle of the court or digging a lob out of a corner.  

Lighting systems without proper coverage compensate by increasing the amount of light they put onto the court.  This often leads to a feeling your performing on stage - its also increases glare and energy requirements/costs.  Ever struggle to hit a lob because you were blinded by the lights?  Now you know why. 

These charts capture the light dispersion of three different lighting methods.  Note, each chart assumes the head of the light is tilted into the court (not set at 90 degrees) and that the same degree of light is produced by the lighting system.  

Inkedround with court_LI.jpg

Stadium lighting with HV bulbs

Even when new, 400w HV lights are significantly challenged in lighting a platform tennis court.  As a result, many court owners tend to use 1000w replacement bulbs when their original HV lights burn out - a very inefficient use of energy and costly approach to making sure players can properly see while playing at night.    

Inkedsquare leds with court_LI.jpg

square Led fixtures

When properly calibrated, LEDs provide a crisp light in comparison to traditional HV bulbs.  As this diagram confirms, traditional LEDS also offer greatly improve court coverage.  Note however, if the face of the light fixture is not directed onto the court (i.e., face is directed at the foot of the pole) the brightness of the light will need to be markedly increased.  This often leads to complaint regarding glare and excessive brightness across the court during play. 

Premierleds with court.pdf.jpg

Our Premier LEDs

Our Premier LEDs are designed to distribute their light more evenly across a platform tennis court.  This accounts for their superior performance, dramatic glare reduction, as well as their  low wattage requirements / ongoing cost to operate.




*These charts are for illustrative purposes only.  Different stadium lighting systems and square LED fixtures will provide varying results and light dispersion patterns.  Court lines are not drawn to scale and do not accurately represent how the dispersion of light would fall onto a platform tennis court.