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advantages of leds

When it comes to playing on a platform tennis or tennis court, LEDs are considered a superior alternative to the traditional HV lighting systems.  LEDs provide a more consistent light, consume less electricity, last significantly longer, and turn on as soon as you flip the switch.

The first step when looking at court LEDs, is to understand that not all LEDs are the same.  Most LEDs are designed for other uses - such as a illuminating a parking lot.  Court calibrated LEDs are lighting system that deliver the right amount, direction and color of the light ideally suited for court play.   


APT-Forward offers two outstanding options for those interested in installing or upgrading their platform tennis courts (or outdoor tennis courts) lighting system to LED lights. 

Our Premier LEDs are simply the best.  Designed and manufactured in the USA, they offer everything one could ever want from their court's lighting system.  They provide court calibrated light, advanced glare reduction technology, extremely low energy requirements and the highest life expectancy (L70 life) you can find in the market.  

For those seeking lower priced LEDs, we offer the Price Advantage LEDs.  The Price Advantage LEDs cost are a great choice for those on a limited budget.       

                                         Premier LEDs

The highest performing platform tennis court LEDs on the market.       

Energy Requirements:  160w

Current Lighting System:       400w HV        1,000w HV                   

  • Improved Efficiency:               60%                   84%

Build-Quality Indicator: 

  • Expected Life (L70 Life*):   + 300,000 hours (+34 years)


                                  Price Advantage LEDs

Perfect for budget conscious court owners looking to upgrade to quality LEDs specifically calibrated for platform tennis court play.  

Energy Requirements: 320w

Current Lighting System:        400w HV    1,000w HV                   

  • Improved Efficiency:             20%               68%

Build-Quality Indicator:

  • Expected Life (L70 Life*):   + 69,600 hours (almost 8 years)


* The test L70 life represents the number of hours a light is expected to last should it never be turned off.