Recent Customer

Loved working with APT-Forward!

Let me first point-out that we purchased the lights for almost half of what others wanted to charge.  As for the quality of the Premier LEDs, our members are very happy.

We were extremely pleased with our APT-Forward experience.  Brian was responsive and supported us at every step of the process.  For example, when we were thinking through our options, he invested a lot of time helping us uncover what was important (e.g., ongoing energy requirements, etc.). 

Being a platform tennis player himself, he also had a clear understanding of the issues (e.g., excessive brightness, illumination of the corners, etc.) many face when transitioning to a LED based lighting system for their courts.  Knowledge and understanding that was clearly missing from the conversations we had with  a few of our area electricians.  

In short, APT-Forward offers a great product and Brian was professional and responsive - we would highly recommend him to anyone that is thinking about platform tennis replacement lighting. 


Recent Customer

It was tough to play under our old lights - especially for some of our older members.  However, our club didn't have much of a budget to invest in new lights and the quotes we were getting seemed really high.

APT-Forward was able to help us get quality LEDs for a very economical price.  Our court play has been vastly improved and the club is very appreciative of the work Brian did for us.  I highly recommend you talk with Brian if your club is in the market for new LEDs.